Feb 01

Max brenner (Philadelphia, PA)


QualityTasteCleanliness, AtmospherePrice, & Staff


Food tested: chocolate chunks pizza, chocolate chunk cookies, tutti fruiti waffle, popsicle chocolate fondue, hot chocolate, salted caramel hot chocolate, truffle heart cake, bagel with chocolate and peanut butter, pearl sugar chocolate waffle, hazlenut cream banana toffee crepe, vegetarian burger, roasted vegetable waffle sandwichMolly’s white corn croquettes, fish tacos, spinach and artichoke fondue, waffle fries, mango lemonade.

Positive: Great variety of chocolate treats and a delicious menu of items vegetarians can eat.

Negative: Service is slow at the Philadelphia location. Disappointed with the truffle heart cake, Grand Lux has better Molten chocolate cake.

Overall: Great place to go with family and friends, or when craving chocolate desserts.

Revisit: Yes, for chocolatey desserts and veggie burger.

Health tip: Not a good place to go for diabetics. They have some dark chocolate treats that can be semi good for you, but you’ll be kidding yourself if you go for a healthy dessert.

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Jan 29

Paratha Roll (Philadelphia, PA)


QualityTaste, Cleanliness, AtmospherePrice, & Staff


Food tested: chicken paratha roll, mango lassi, mixed lamb/chicken over rice platter

Positive: white sauce in the platter was decent and the owner seemed nice

Negative: depressing atmosphere, not much taste in the meat, paratha seemed like it was a roti, and place was empty

Overall: Great concept but not worth going to until they upgrade their parathas and add some spices in the meat

Revisit: no

Health tip: food at this place is not fit for people with high cholesterol. Ask for a roti roll instead of paratha to decrease calories and oil fat.


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Jan 25

Desi Village (Philadelphia, PA)


QualityTaste, Cleanliness, Atmosphere, PriceStaff


Food Tested:  Chicken tikka masala, garlic ginger chicken kabab, naan, lacha paratha.

Positive:  Interesting relics and decor.

Negative:  Food is mediocre.

Overall:  Average tasting indian/pakistani cuisine, good for those that are not accustomed to this type of food.

Revisit:  No

Health tip:  Stick to the BBQ dishes as they are grilled.


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