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Quality, Taste, Cleanliness, Environment, Price, & Staff


Positive: One of the best halal burger joints I have eaten at.  Try the Crave burger, Inferno burger, or Swiss burger with Crave fries!

Negative: Long wait times are possible.  Inferno burger is not as spicy as advertised. Milkshake was not that good.

Overall: Recommended for the burgers and the environment.


update: Went back to this restaurant two more times and the food quality seems to be declining.  Disappointing indeed.  I think theSwiss-room burger is probably their best although I haven’t had the inferno in a while.

Still takes some time to make the food but its fresh so I don’t mind.  The guy at the register is a bit weird and tries to hit on girls, hijabi or not.  The crave sauce is amazing though as are their fries.


Another halal burger place? Should I really try it?

Are they just selling burgers with the Al-Safa halal beef patties like many other halal restaurants? Thats the assumption I had of Crave Shack (no affiliation with Shake Shack) until my family recommended it to me. I left everything I was doing to check out their menu online, and wow did my mouth start watering!  This place had a pretty good variety of burgers and snacks, with a unique “crave sauce”.

I decided to go eat there as soon as possible. When I entered the restaurant, I absolutely loved it. It had the touch of Johnny Rockets and Five Guys. I actually felt like I was at a burger joint rather than some crappy looking halal restaurant. The restaurant has booths and bar stools with tables.

I ordered the crave burger with the crave fries. It was delicious. The crave sauce made it even more amazing. The sauce is a bit like Thousand Island Dressing and really adds to the burger. The fries were excellent and had some sort of seasoning. My family of critics ordered the Swiss Burger and recommended that as well. They also tried a Vanilla Milkshake but did not like it much.

I loved this place so much that I went the following day as well and tried another one of their “famous” burgers. I had the Inferno burger which was advertised as being very spicy as it had an “inferno” sauce and jalapenos. Surprisingly… and disappointingly it was not spicy at all. Although it wasn’t spicy, it still tasted yummy.

This place has become one of my go to restaurants as I am always craving burgers and fries, and it is one of the first places I have discovered that actually makes their own beef patties.

Another thing I like about this restaurant is that they make everything in front of you, just like Five Guys, so you know everything is fresh. A downside to this is that when the restaurant is packed, it takes an extremely long time for your order to be ready … but it’s worth the wait. Try this place as soon as you can!
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