Popeyes (Northern Virginia)


QualityTaste, Cleanliness, Environment, Price , & Staff


Positive: Only Halal Popeye’s in the USA with fresh, tasty food that the chain is known for.

Negative: Everything is made to order – meaning there is a long waiting time. Only chicken pieces and sandwich are halal, everything else is not (chicken tenders, etc)

Overall: Hey its the only Halal Popeye’s in the USA!


halal popeye’s in the usa?  well… kind of

When I found out that there was a halal Popeye’s in the states my jaw dropped.  I was so excited to finally have this fast food chain’s chicken available here.  And better yet, available close to home in the Northeast.  I quickly made arrangements to go to meet my family members close to Arlington, VA.

When I got to the restaurant I saw the area surrounding it looked somewhat run down, but it was not anything worse than I saw back home in NJ.  There are a bunch of Pakistani restaurants in the area as well.  When we entered the place it reminded me of any other chain restaurant that you would go to, except for the fact that there was an older looking, South Asian gentleman standing by the counter.  My family and I spoke extensively with him about the authenticity of the meat, etc. and overall we were satisfied enough to eat there.  He was somewhat rude though but hey which older South Asian business man isn’t.

We ordered a few sandwiches and chicken pieces. Their chicken tenders and other chicken items were not halal.   It took more than 45 minutes for the food to come out which was very disappointing.  But, after we got the food we were delighted with the aroma and taste.  Everything tasted great and fresh. The Cajun fries are a must too!  The other sides are never that good at these restaurants.

All in all, I love fried chicken so if you love Canada for the sole purpose of Popeye’s then make the trip because you wont regret it, as long as you are okay with Virginia traffic everywhere.
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