Sushi Samba (Manhattan)


QualityTaste, CleanlinessEnvironment, Price, & Staff


Positive: Delicious and unique “samba” sushi rolls as well as exotic virgin cocktails.

Negative: Crowded on weekends and even on some weeknights. More expensive than the average sushi place.

Overall: A must eat restaurant for Sushi lovers


Looking for exotiC sushi rolls IN a fun atmosphere?

Go to Sushi Samba in Manhattan! This is a high-end, more expensive than normal sushi restaurant which blends Japanese, Brazilian, and Peruvian tastes into its exotic rolls.

This is definitely my top sushi place, mainly because of the unique “Samba” rolls it offers.  I haven’t seen similar items on menus at other sushi restaurants. (they also have regular sushi rolls by the way) My all time favorite is the El Topo roll which has mozzarella cheese, crispy onions, and jalapeno. This roll is too delicious. The mozzarella really adds to it. I go to this restaurant just for this roll because there is none other like it. I also recommend the Samba 7 roll for people that love lobster, and the Rainbow Dragon roll for mango lovers. And of course you can never go wrong with Shrimp Tempura and Spicy Tuna Rolls. From the appetizers, I usually get Edamame.  I used to get the Crispy Calamari but to my disappointment it is no longer on the menu.  I also recommend the taquitos and Tiger shrimp. For those of you that do not like sushi, you can try the tasty Crispy Red Snapper as well.

I also love going to Sushi Samba for the four exotic virgin cocktails they offer. My favorites are the Watermelon Mojo and Berry Smash. They are very refreshing and smooth.  Great drinks to have while waiting for your food and eating your appetizers.

They have multiple locations throughout the city.  I personally like going to the 7th Avenue location because it is bigger and more “happening”.

If you have a big group then lunch may be a better option as it is less crowded then.  But then you’d miss out on their vibrant ambiance best experienced in the evening.  I also recommend making reservations before going as the restaurant is usually packed on weekends and, at times, on weeknights as well.  I’ve never had problems with their service either.  All in all, this is a must eat restaurant for sushi lovers!
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