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QualityTaste, Cleanliness, EnvironmentPrice , & Staff


PositiveDelicious European chocolate drinks open later than other similar cafes.

NegativeSomewhat pricey for the sizes of the drinks.

Overall: Great place to try if you love chocolate, and if you especially like hot chocolate drinks.


smooth creamy European chocolate?  yes!

This fine cafe is situated at a great location on Walnut street next to Tutti-Frutti frozen yogurt within a building consisting of many offices. When you enter this small cafe it is reminiscent of many of the cafés you see throughout New York and Philadelphia. There is a nice counter with a variety of homemade chocolates of various kinds as well as various chocolate drinks and desserts, including cupcakes. The sitting arrangement is very comfortable and typical of what you may find at a nice cafe.  On one side of the store there are many small circular tables with two chairs by each, in the middle of the store there is a more comfortable sitting arrangement with cushioned chairs, and at the back of the store there is a soft couch with a center table. Overall the service is very good with staff who are willing to give appropriate advice when you are deciding on what to get.

The negative, though, is that the bathroom is located in the basement of the building which takes a few turns and going down stairs to get too.  The classic hot chocolate here is one of the best I’ve had especially if you get it with some milk, American style.  The dessert menu consists of various Mouse cakes, fudge cakes, cupcakes, etc.  I enjoyed their Mocha fudge cake, although it did end up becoming too chocolaty to handle while sipping on some hot chocolate.  The prices overall are slightly more than I would want to pay, but probably appropriate for the area in which this location is situated.  The petite hot chocolate, by the way, is way too small and I would recommend the next size up. Another advantage of this place is that most other places like this cafe close by 8pm and this stays open till 11 pm.  When I went to this location there was a long line around 9:30pm, signifying how much people like chocolate and this cafe.  If you are in the area with friends and want to get together at a nice cafe definitely try this place out. Its better suited for groups of 4 but not more than that. If you like chocolate, especially high quality european chocolate, this is a place to definitely try!
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