Matchbox 369 (Washington DC)


QualityTaste, Cleanliness, Environment, Price, & Staff


Positive: Nice location and atmosphere with good desserts and brunch items.

Negative: The Pizza can’t compare to NY Pizza.

Overall: I wouldn’t come back to this place unless if I wanted to try their brunch menu or have some dessert with friends.  Beware of long lines!


LOOKING FOR high quality pizza in dc?   try this place first.

I went to the crowded Matchbox restaurant located in a busy area of downtown Washington DC, Chinatown.  I had to wait 45 minutes to get parking and another 45 minutes for seating on a Sunday afternoon!  By the time I finally got seating I was thinking to myself that this pizza place better be worth the time and effort.  So now you may be wondering… was it worth it? Well it wasn’t! It was neither amazing nor bad though.

I will admit that the pizza was unique in that the one that we ordered had a spicy sauce but I didn’t think the quality of the cheese was that great. It also wasn’t warm when it arrived probably because the waitress was so busy that she forgot to check on the pizza.  Everyone knows the best pizza is hot with cheese dripping all over the place. Well that wasn’t happening. Another pizza we had ordered had potato chips on it and was pretty unique and decent tasting.  I, however, wouldn’t go back for the pizza. 

They did have a large non-pizza menu as well and maybe if you are in the mood to try something else there and you can withstand the wait then go for it.   The dessert was good but not great.  They had fresh cinnamon donuts which were great.  They came with a Cholula dipping sauce which may contain alcohol so be careful!  The molten chocolate cake was dry and cold – not something I expected or liked.  We did see that someone had ordered fresh cinnamon rolls from the brunch menu which both smelled greatly appealing and looked delicous.   On the bright side the atmosphere was nice so its possible to go there with friends.  Hey, after NY style pizza I dont think you can get anything better, except for chicago deep dish pizza or Papa Tomato’s in NJ.
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