Hero Certified Burgers (Toronto, Canada)


Quality, Taste, CleanlinessEnvironmentPrice, & Staff


PositiveOnly place to get 100% hormone free, antibiotic free, range fed ANGUS BEEF!

NegativeBland taste (needs some salt) with mediocre tasting fries.

Overall: The only place to find “have it your way” Halal Angus burgers.

Revisit:  Yes, to give them another chance (c’mon they got Angus Beef) and try their chicken sandwich.


Looking for a Good American Burger in Canada?

When I visited Canada, I became really excited to see Hero Certified Burgers.  Not only did they have Halal burgers, these burgers were made from 100% Hormone free/Antibiotic Free Range Fed Halal Angus Beef!  Angus beef is supposed to be the best burger meat and I finally had a chance to try it.  What is great that this is a chain restaurant in Canada that is trying Halal food to see the responses, which seem to be excellent as per the news in the video below.

I went to eat there immediately, and sadly enough, was disappointed. Even though their environment was excellent and typical of a burger joint, the burger was just mediocre. The burger was big, the patty was thick and the toppings were not unique.  The sauce was not enough and the taste in the patty was pretty bland.  I was happy but not ecstatic over the taste of the burger.  The fries were decent but not great either.  They also have a chicken burger which I didn’t try.    I am going to try it again next time I go so I can get a better representation of their food.


[vimeo http://www.vimeo.com/16597158 w=400&h=225]


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