RJ Cafe (Virginia)


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PositiveBest tasting homemade BBQ sauce goes great with their wings and ribs.

Negative: This is not a cafe and the location is horrible.

Overall: If you have an urge for BBQ flavored anything, come here.  

Revisit:  Will go back for the BBQ ribs/wings and try the other items on their menu.


Looking for a cafe?  You won’t find it here.  But you will find some awesome BBQ sauce!

RJ cafe in is located in an office park surrounded by multiple small businesses and even a warehouse close by.  It is pretty isolated but in a relatively safe location. I think their primary customers are from the office park, while others come from word of mouth and zabiha.com reviews because I don’t think any passerby would stop here.  The inside of the store reminded me of a  meat store with a few cooking grills and a huge variety of foods available to eat. The owner was very nice, however, and gave excellent recommendations on what to eat.

I had a chance to eat BBQ wings with their special, homemade barbecue sauce.  The BBQ sauce was excellent and very unique; the best I have ever eaten.  The Reuben sandwich was average, and I’d like to go back and try their other items. However, I think the special barbecue sauce is worth having and I would go back to experience the sauce again when I have the urge for barbecue style wings or ribs.  Overall, I love the barbecue sauce that they make fresh with unique, self-made ingredients and I would recommend eating anything that has their barbecue sauce in it.  Next time I go for the BBQ wings, I will try their steaks and other sandwiches.

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