Georgetown Cupcakes (Washington DC)


QualityTaste, Cleanliness, Environment, Price , & Staff


Positive: Some of the cupcakes are worth trying if you are in the area and have seen their shows.

Negative: Very busy store with lines out the door, and the icing is just not up to par with other cupcake places.

Overall: Worth trying if in the area, but don’t expect anything exceptional.

RevisitYes, for the cookies and cream cupcake.


A review for something that doesn’t really need a review!?

Georgetown cupcakes is a unique cupcake place off of M St. in downtown Georgetown in Washington DC. This is that cupcake place that you may sometimes see on TLC and in the show called DC cupcakes or Cupcake Wars. There is always a line out the door which was a little smaller on a weekday afternoon when I went. Otherwise, they are very busy filling phone/online orders inside the already packed store with customers. However, they are courteous and pack up your cupcakes in a nice pink box.




Overall I really enjoyed the cookies and cream cupcake as well as the vanilla chocolate cupcake. I also tried a variety of their cupcakes when a family member brought a dozen home for my birthday. I did not find any of them to be exceptional. Maybe I just had high expectations because it is such a famous shop and based on its name, the cupcakes do not live up to all the fame. The cupcake bases for most of the cupcakes are average and the frosting is just not up to par and is way too much for my liking. Despite of this, I would still recommend trying this place out because it is so famous. However, the best way to get these cupcakes and skip the line is to order online and just pick them up.
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