Sabrina’s Cafe (Philadelphia)


QualityTaste, Cleanliness, Environment, Price , & Staff


Positive: Delicious, unique breakfast and brunch items for all taste buds to enjoy.

Negative: Lots of meat filled dishes on the menu so be careful and ask for help.  Also, long wait times so call ahead!

Overall: The food tastes good and the environment is perfect for a weekend brunch with friends and family.


Thinking of going to the Italian Market on the Weekend? Well don’t forget to stop in at Sabrina’s Cafe for brunch!

I went to the cute cafe located by the Italian Market with a wide variety of options for a perfect weekend brunch whether you’re with family or friends. There are two other locations as well, one by the Art Museum and one by the Drexel Campus.There is a long wait so make sure you call ahead before you go to get seated faster (they do not accept reservations but you can call ahead the same day).

I would recommend their Hunter Pence’s Lets Eat Stuffed French Toast with cream cheese, mascarpone, apricot, topped with peach-apricot syrup (note that the serving size for this is more than enough for 2 people). If you love stuffed french toast and want something sweet, you should order this. As for the eggs, if you like mexican food, I would recommend the poached eggs with beans, guacamole, and peppers (note that you can get vegetarian sausage with this). If you like corn bread, then I’d suggest The Phantic’s Belly Shaking Egg Breakfast. The potatoes that come with the eggs taste very fresh and have a home-made touch.

The restaurant also has lunch and dinner options and other appealing breakfast items such as Breakfast burritos and Challah French Toast.  Overall, I would recommend this cafe as the food taste goods and the environment is perfect for a weekend brunch.
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