Bonefish Grill (Chain Restaurant)


Quality, Taste, Cleanliness, Environment, Price , & Staff


Positive: Delicious virgin drinks and above average Bang Bang Shrimp in a nice setting.

Negative: Mediocre seafood dishes surpassed by other restaurants.

Overall: Go for the ambiance and Bang Bang Shrimp but expect mediocre entrees.


Want to try a seafood chain restaurant?  

After recommendations from several friends, I finally tried the Willow Grove, PA location of Bonefish Grill. From the outside, it looked like your regular chain restaurant but when I entered, it looked a bit different, with dimmer lighting and more intimate booth-seating. They also have high chair tables near the bar if you want to have some drinks or just small appetizers.

We were served by an extremely polite waitress who offered me a fruit cocktail when I asked about their virgin drinks. This was served in a martini glass and was absolutely delicious and reminded me of the Watermelon Mojo from Sushi Samba. I definitely recommend this to those of you that love fruity cocktails without the touch of alcohol as it is very refreshing, especially on a hot a summer day.

For appetizers, we got the bang bang shrimp and the calamari. The shrimp were better than your average restaurant but not super amazing. The calamari was mediocre. We also had the fish tacos but after having Surf Taco, they too were mediocre. All in all, this is a very average restaurant in terms of the food. The only qualities it has that would give it a higher rating than it deserves are the service and the virgin  drinks. So if you ask me to go there again, I will not!

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