Rusty Scupper (Baltimore, MD)


QualityTasteCleanlinessEnvironment, Price , & Staff


Positive: Wide variety of seafood with excellent ambiance at a fine dining restaurant.

Negative: Expensive and small portion size

Overall: Great place to go for seafood when you want to try new dishes or go to a fine dining restaurant at the inner harbor.

Revisit: Yes, when in the mood for a fine dining experience and Maryland Crab Cakes


Looking for a nice restaurant at the harbor in baltimore?

Rusty scupper is an elegant seafood restaurant located in the inner harbor area of Baltimore.  It has a wide variety of delicious seafood dishes which are some of the best that I have eaten. The restaurant has a beautiful view of the Baltimore Harbor and has great ambience as well.

I had a chance to experience their oyster sampler which was delicious. The Maryland crab cakes were scrumptious and the only crab cakes I have ever liked. I did not enjoy the popcorn shrimp at all.  We also tried Bulloise, which looked like Paella in soup form and was also pretty good. Their crab stuffed shrimp was excellent, but small in proportion for the price.

The view of the harbor and ambience is a plus.  After eating here I think I’m going to come back for the Maryland crab cakes when I want to go out and eat at a nice seafood restaurant at the Baltimore Harbor. It is somewhat pricey for the amount of food you receive but definitely worth it because of the high quality, great taste, and dining experience.

Overall I think if you want to eat some excellent seafood at a fine dining restaurant with a nice atmosphere, or just try a new seafood item you have not eaten before, this is the place to go.  This is a great first place to try crab cakes as they are made extremely well.
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