Shawarma King (Brookline, MA)


Quality, Taste, Cleanliness, Environment, Price , & Staff


Positive: The Shawarma is very well wrapped with the pita toasted to perfection.  Great reviews on as well.

Negative: Meat quality is sub par and food taste cannot compare with places in New Jersey, New York, or Virginia.

Overall: If you are really craving meat and/or shawarma then give it a go.  Otherwise I’d look somewhere else.


want to have some good shawarma in boston, don’t go to this king!

While visiting Boston for a few days I quickly realized that being on a vegetarian diet could make a meat eater go crazy.    So I looked up a Halal restaurant on and saw that Shawarma King was rated high with the most reviews (which are the two things I would recommend looking for when using that website).  I did the obvious and headed over to Shawarma King, located in Brookline.  I was actually pretty excited to eat at the restaurant after reading many of the great reviews.

My family ended up getting a Chicken Shawarma, Spicy Chicken Shawarma, and Falafel.  First the nice thing, the food was wrapped very tightly, neatly, and the bread was toasted to perfection. It made a big difference when eating food that is normally pretty messy. However, that is where the good parts of the restaurant ended.  I was not very impressed with the food. The falafel was not freshly made and did not have any taste at all. The shawarma meat lacked flavor as well. The spicy shawarma was a bit better because of the added tabasco sauce.

Overall, the food was not anything special. Despite all the good reviews, I was very disappointed and wished that I had tried another halal restaurant instead.


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