Bakhtar Halal Kababs (Queens)


QualityTaste, Cleanliness, Environment, Price , & Staff


PositiveBest Chicken and Beef Kofta Kababs I’ve ever had at a reasonable price.  

Negative: Casual seating and environ. Can become very busy on weekend nights.

Overall: If you want to try the most excellent Afghani food, hands down, you have to eat here.  

Revisit:  YES!  I already visit this place every time I am in the area.


Want high quality afghani food and don’t care about location or ambiance?

Go to Bakhtar Kabab in Fresh Meadows, NY. They have the best Chicken and Beef Kofta Kababs I have ever had, hands down. Even their rice and their white yogurt sauce are delicious. I don’t go to any other Afghan restaurant anymore because every time I have tried another place, they can never compare to Bakhtar. In addition, the price is a super deal - for $8.00 you get two skewers of kababs, rice, and salad. No place beats that!

In addiiton to these kababs, their lamb chops and burgers are decent as well. This is a great place to go to with family and friends if you want good food that is very reasonably priced in a casual environment. There is a lot of seating available and they have a few televisions that are hooked to Pakistani channels. The restaurant is located across from an Indian movie theater, so it is very busy on weekend nights but you can always find a seat as they have a lot of seating available. This restaurant is one of my favorite restaurants so definitely try it when you’re in the area.
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