Gyro King (Brooklyn)


QualityTaste, Cleanliness, Environment, Price , & Staff


Positive Fresh lamb gyro and chicken marinated with tikka masala giving it a better zing than the bland chicken of the NYC gyro carts.

Negative:  Although very similar to the NYC gyro carts it still does not give you the same experience.  The white sauce is different as well.

Overall: Great alternative to the NYC gyro carts if you want a slightly different taste and do not want to travel into the city.

Revisit:  Only if I am in the area and don’t want to go in the city


Want some gyro platters but don’t want to go to nyc?

Gyro King is located in Coney Island, Brooklyn, a busy area predominately inhabited by the Pakistani Muslim community. It is located in between a halal fried chicken place and barber shop . It is a small, clean food place where you can order only and sit on a bench to wait. That is fine though as it is similar to the gyro carts seen across New York City.  There is actually a gyro cart located right across the street from this place as well.  The cooks/workers there were nice and friendly.  They do have a bathroom in the back that you can request to use.

The food tastes very similar to the gyro carts in New York City with some differences.  The lamb does not have the usual lamb taste and therefore tastes fresh as well.  The chicken is seasoned in tikka masala which actually gives it a better taste than the bland chicken found on the gyro carts and is actually cooked completely.  The rice is a higher quality basmati rice.  If you do their mixed platter you would get the taste of New York with some modifications that, i think, make it a little tastier and a newer experience if you are tired of the carts.

I would come back here if in the mood for gyro platters and am passing by the area.  It is actually pretty hard to find this taste outside of New York City.  But they did it, albeit, still being pretty close to the city.  Now if they move to Philly, NJ, or CT, then I think those in the areas would be very thankful to be able to experience a taste from New York close to home. Despite all this, I still love the carts in Manhattan because the white sauce at Gyro King was not comparable and although it tasted more fresh and seemed to have higher quality, I still missed the platters from the cart.
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