Outback Steakhouse (Chain Restaurant)


Quality, Taste, Cleanliness, Environment, Price , & Staff


Positive Succulent, halal lamb rack cooked on a wood fire grill from New Zealand at your local Outback Steakhouse chain restaurant.

Negative:  Taste is slightly above average and quantity is small for this expensive dish.  The onion rings are way too greasy.

Overall: If you love lamb chops and eat halal you should try Outback at least once.

Revisit:  No, too expensive for the taste and quantity.


Looking for juicy, succulent lamb made on a wood grill oven?

Try out the chain restaurant you see almost everywhere around the USA,  Outback Steakhouse, Australian style steaks.

On my visit to the steakhouse, in Edison, NJ I first noted the ambiance seemed to be a little lower quality than I would expect at a steakhouse, for example comparing to Ruth’s Chris‘s excellent ambiance in Toronto, Canada.  It seemed to have a mixture of Pizza Hut and a Steakhouse feel.  However, the dimmed lighting did significantly add to the ambiance.

This restaurant does not have any Halal items on their menu.  However, their lamb is imported from New Zealand where they only distribute Zabihah halal meat. We told the waiter that we were fasting and wanted our food to come at the appropriate time along with appetizers and drinks. The server was very nice to accommodate us. He also spoke to the chef in the back who agreed to clean the grill for the lamb and to make it separately from other meat products. He was very kind and thoughtful, and the service was excellent.

We bought their well-known onion rings as the appetizer. The arrangement of the onion rings was very presentable.  The onion ring seasoning was good and the dip was also equally good but they were too oily for our tastes.   We also had a chance to order the lamb rack, cooked medium rare was recommended by the server. It was very succulent and moist with a distinct taste of lamb and light oak flavored seasoning from the wood burning grill.  The food tasted pretty good but needed barbecue sauce to make it taste better. We refused the usual Port wine sauce that they bring with the lamb.  One of the side dishes was sweet potatoes which was glazed with light brown sugar and tasted very unique and good.  They had multiple non-alcoholic iced teas but they were mediocre for my taste. For dessert we tried their chocolate thunder cake which had a warm brownie with pecans and ice cream topped with whip cream and fudge. It was delicious but very filling.

Overall I would recommend those who love lamb to try this place.  The ambiance is pretty good and the service is excellent.  However, beside the excellent service the food was slightly above-average and may not be worth the extra price.

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