Bundu Khan Kabab House (Queens)


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Positive Great combination of lacha paratha (bread) and fresh naan with gola kababs, bihari kababs, and boneless chicken tikka.  

Negative:  Inconsistent food taste, especially the gola kababs, like many other Pakistani restaurants.

Overall: The best BBQ Pakistani food in the NJ/NY area.

Revisit:  Yes,  I have visited there often and will continue to do so; their food tastes better than other places even on a bad day.


UPDATED ON 2/25/2012

Bundu Khan is still inconsistent in the food they have, but the naan and paratha are always delicious.  Their bihari kababs and boneless chicken tikka were excellent on this visit but their gola kababs were too spicy and a bit salty.  It would be so much more satisfying if they were more consistent. With all that said I still believe they still have the best all around Pakistani bbq food in the region.


Craving good pakistani kababs and paratha?

Bundu Khan, no relation to popular restaurant in Pakistan with same name or the restaurant in Houston with the same name, is a clean and small quick bite restaurant located on Union Tpke in Glen Oaks, NY. The walls are painted bright green with large photographs of food hanging on the walls; despite the description, this all works very well for the restaurant and gives it a nice feel. They also have a large screen TV playing various indian movies on a given day.  It can accommodate four families of four people but not more.  Most people seem to order or take out.

There are usually the same three people working at the restaurant in the front end:  the owner, his wife, and a female worker.  From what I hear, they have been working together for a very long time when the owner had another well known Pakistani restaurants in Long Island which he later sold.  That restaurant (Kababchi) by the way, has dwindled in quality after the current owner of Bundu Khan left to start up a new restaurant.
Nonetheless the food at his new restaurant is delicious.  Yes, it is like other typical Desi restaurants, where the taste is inconsistent because of the large amount of different spices that are put in and the intricacy that is involved.  On the back end he has several Mexican cooks who do most of the work.  I enjoy their lacha paratha, naan, boneless chicken tikka, and gola kababs.  I have tried their bihari kababs but think they are mediocre.  The gola kababs can be very delicious at times, melting in your mouth, while you eat the crispy lacha paratha (no this paratha is not the typical flaky one from the Pakistan based restaurant or the one in Houston, but its still damn good).  The gola kabab used to be very spicy but the owner managed to make the spice less but now the problem is cooking – sometimes its burnt and other times its perfect.  They need to get this right soon otherwise they’ll lose me as a customer for sure. They do have some delicacies as well, including Magas Nihari (Nihari with brain in it).  I haven’t tried it and don’t plan on it.  I have heard its decent though, but of course cannot compare to the one you find in Pakistan.
Despite the inconsistencies, they have the best BBQ Pakistani food around and their food still tastes better than other restaurants on a bad day.

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