Kabab Paradise (Central & Northern NJ)


Quality, Taste, Cleanliness, Environment, Price, & Staff


Positive: The menu offers a wide selection of foods. The Burgers are probably the best Central NJ has to offer in this category.  Buffalo wings are not bad either.

Negative: Not as good as the Afghani restaurants in New York, and the only reason their burgers are the best in the area is because no other halal restaurant has variety.

Overall: Finally a restaurant in Central NJ with a wide selection of burgers.

Revisit:  Only for the gyro platter and when craving burgers and can’t find any other place.


UPDATE MARCH 31, 2012:

I had the chance to revisit Kabab Paradise a few more times and tasted all their burgers, chapli kabab, gyro platter, and spicy buffalo wings.  I still believe that their burgers are probably the best ones NJ has to offer.  With that said, however, I think the meat is tasteless and the patty is too thin given the size of the burger.  The addition of mozarella sticks or onion rings gives the burgers a typical New Brunswick, Grease truck taste which is a great complement to the city and makes the burger better but a lot more filling. However, it is too heavy and fills you up quickly.  The huge gyro platter continues to be the best dish they have at the best price.  It actually feels better to eat it here than at the carts in NYC.   The chapli kabab has too much of a lamb taste and not the best I’ve had.  The buffalo wings at Kabab Paradise are humongous and actually pretty good – definitely better than Douglass Pizza in New Brunwick/Somerset.

I am upgrading the crescents to 3 because of the gyro platter and large buffalo wings.

FROM AUGUST 20, 2011:

This is what you get… for now.

Let me start off by saying that one of the owners of this restaurant that heads the cash register and is involved with communication/dealing with customers is excellent.  I haven’t met a nicer, more friendly Muslim man running a business period. He takes care of his customers and has fun while doing it.  I would go to this restaurant just for him!

The burgers at this restaurant are decent, and the great thing is that they have a good variety of burgers (something that I truly love).  I haven’t found another halal restaurant in the area or even in NJ that offers this much variety in burgers and is actually good.  With that said I believe they can improve on their burgers alot.  They need to also be consistent in how they make the burgers and how they taste.  I would recommend the Saturn, Jupiter, or Neptune burgers (I don’t understand why they name them after planets).   Oh…and remember that everything tastes good with bacon so ask them to put it on any of the burgers you get!

The kabob’s are pretty decent as well.  When comparing with exceptional Afghani restaurants like Bakhtar in New York this place does not stand a chance.  But in NJ this place is it.  I haven’t tried their lamb so I can’t say much about that.  Maybe you can try the Kabob Combo and decide what you like.  Their white sauce is also pretty good but not amazing like other Afghani restaurants.

The restaurant location is subpar.  It is located next to a Subway and Dominos.  There is not much traffic that comes in this area and they are a bit hidden as well.  Inside the restaurant it feels like a cheap joint where you would go for a quick bite.  However, that doesn’t preclude families from filling up all the seats during dinner time.  Location isn’t everything and you can see that by the crowd variety you see in their restaurant.

I think this place needs some competition so it stays up to par in the quality and taste of their foods.  They do need to modify some of the recipes to increase the flavorfulness, consistency, and softness of the meat.  However, with a good leader like they have they’re going to do very well and they will adapt for sure.  So, if you are around town and want a change of pace try out their burgers, and if you can’t make it to the city then go for the Afghani too.  If you are a student, nothing beats good afghani food so dive in!

Update (5/14/2011):  Now I have ate at this restaurant several times and have found the food mostly inconsistent.  Every time I go I feel like I am gambling and hoping to get food that I enjoy.  On a brighter side, their Gyro platter is absolutely amazing.  They give you tasty chunks of chicken and beef with a heap of delicious rice and afghani white sauce – absolutely delicious and absolutely humongous.  Keep in mind that I have only had this dish once so I am hoping next time I don’t get disappointed!  And YES..I WILL GO BACK JUST FOR THIS DISH!

Update (8/20/2011):  (from Sameerseats.com)

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