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PositiveGreat tasting crispy chicken sandwich almost comparable to Popeyes.

NegativeDespite its name (WINGS plus) , the chicken wings were mediocre.

OverallGreat place to find freshly made, deliciously tasting crispy chicken sandwich.

Revisit:  Yes, when in the mood for a crispy chicken sandwich.  


Can’t find a satisfying crispy chicken sandwich in the USA?  

I am a fried chicken and crispy chicken sandwich lover. I always get disappointed when I go to Halal restaurants to find that they only have grilled chicken sandwiches and when they do have a crispy chicken sandwich on their menu, they serve the Al-Safa frozen chicken patty. I miss going to Toronto and eating the spicy chicken sandwich from Popeyes. But after I visited Wings Plus, I was not disappointed in regards to the spicy chicken sandwich.

This was not a frozen patty but a freshly made one and the sauce that they put in the sandwich came very close to to the Popeyes one. I would go here whenever craving a crispy chicken sandwich, especially when visiting Virginia. I would like to point out that it takes longer to cook than at a typical fast food restaurant but that just shows that it is fresh and the quality is great. As per the chicken wings, since that is what Wings Plus is known for, those were just mediocre and did not have much sauce on them.
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