53rd and 6th Halal Food Carts (New York, NY)


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PositiveDecent price for a filling meal while enjoying the streets of New York, especially in the late hours of the night.

NegativeLost its quality and taste over the past few years.

OverallGreat place to go with a large group or with people trying to experience New York.  But if you want higher quality and taste, try elsewhere.

Revisit: Only when family and friends come from out of state.  


 So where is the best halal food cart in New York?  

Every time I walk through the streets of NYC, I love smelling the aroma of scrumptious halal food carts on almost every street corner.  If I am hungry I get even more hungry, and if I am not hungry I start getting hungry!   I have gone to the famous 53rd and 6th Halal guys for a long time, but have noticed that over the past few years something has changed. Although there are still large crowds and they have expanded to most of the street corners of 53rd/52nd St. and 6th, the taste and quality of their food has dramatically dwindled to the point that the chicken isn’t cooked thoroughly and the lamb doesn’t taste the same. What is actually disappointing is that most of the other carts that sell similar food are not much better either.  Some do add falafel or even fries if you ask, but that taste that got 53rd and 6th on the map is longer present.

Nonetheless, it has still become a landmark in New York, literally.  The tour buses even point at it and recommend tourists to eat there!   I would still recommend going there if you haven’t done so, or if you have friends/family coming from out of state who really want to get the New York City experience.  Best part is that the price is great for the amount of food you get, especially if you share the $6 platter.   What I really like about this cart, unlike others, is that they give you small containers of white sauce and hot sauce, so you have more than enough sauce to pour over your food.

I recommend getting the mixed chicken and lamb platter (although I used to only get the lamb due to the under-cooked chicken). You may be wondering if it is worth waiting on the long line? I don’t think it is.  That is why you can go to the cart across the street or down the block on the corner of 52nd and 6th because they are the same guys with a shorter line.

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