Nunzio’s II Restaurant (Central NJ)


QualityTaste, Cleanliness, AtmospherePrice, & Staff


Food Tested: Hot buffalo wings, Buffalo chicken pizza, Chicken cheese steak, Buffalo chicken cheesesteak, Italian Cheesesteak, Mozarella burger, Blue cheese burger, fries

Positive: Large selection of diverse american and italian foods. The buffalo chicken pizza is very good.

Negative: Undercooked burger meat, average cheesesteaks (similar to Douglass Pizza), and subpar burgers.

Overall: Good selection of food with average tasting american food.

Revisit: May revisit for italian food (or if in the area and craving american style halal food).

Health tip: Large sandwich sizes, and early satiety from meals. Be careful if you have high cholesterol or reflux disease. Would recommend sharing one entree between two people.


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